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Grace Sermons

Each week (well most weeks actually) Grace Church makes Fr. Travis Smith’s sermon from the 10:00 worship service available on this page.  Please find below those sermons.  When you click on the link you will see a new window open and in that window you will find the YouTube page where that week’s sermon appears.  If you are interested in a broader sample of Fr. Travis’ sermons you can check you tube directly – link and directions below.

You can see Fr. Travis’  sermon of 7/30/17 here.

You can see the sermon of 7/23/17 here.

You can see Fr. Travis’ sermon of 7/16/17 here.

You can see Fr. Travis’ sermon of 7/2/17 here.

We apologize for missing some recent sermons.  To Fr. Travis’ sermon of 6/25/17 please click here.

You can find over a year’s worth of Fr. Travis’ sermons on youtube.  Try this link or cut and paste this into your browser.