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We believe that everything we have comes from Christ Jesus and as an act of thanksgiving we share what we have on behalf of the Body of Christ and its many ministries.

The sharing could include both “time” and “treasure.”  Become involved and give freely of your time and talents to help Grace exemplify Christ.   There are many avenues to become involved, just ask!  Alternatively you may want to give treasure.    Keeping Grace active and vibrant could means both types of gifts are needed.  To easily make a one time donation click the “donate now” button below.

Types of Gifts:

  • Monetary or financial gifts include
    • Annual Pledges* (promises of giving) – shared weekly, monthly, annually
      • In the Episcopal Church tithing is not required.  However we do ask, if you are able, to pledge a dollar amount to us so that we can better plan the fiscal affairs of Grace.
      • Occasional giving as you are able
      • One time gift
      • Gifts in honor or memory
      • Planned giving (Estate planning)
      • If weekly envelopes are not for you and/or you live in the digital world please see the “Donate” button below as it will allow you to make your donation effortlessly and electronically.
  • Gifts of time and talent might include
    • Being a greeter, helping with set-up, pitching in for a fund-raiser
    • Starting your own ministry at Grace to reach out to those in spiritual or financial need.
    • Spending time at the Grace Early Child Center
    • Attending adult Christian Education, or, better yet help Grace provide meaning to our children by participating in children’s Sunday School.



If you are writing checks and preparing envelopes every week, you may find it more convenient to give online. In a few short minutes, you can make a one-time gift or set up a donation that will process automatically on a recurring basis. Recurring donations are convenient and provide our church with much needed consistent support throughout the year. To give online, click the “Donate” button above. These donations can be terminated by you online at any time.